Paid influencers have long been a sales tactic for companies looking to promote their products and services. Celebrity endorsements seem like a clincher for success. But are they worth the cost? And do they really drive clicks, conversions, and sales?

Revolution Digital  |  March 23, 2018
Leveraging Micro-influencers over Traditional Paid Influencers

There is no disputing that Amazon has not only been a major disrupter in the toy Industry, but it has also been one in the overall retail industry. After all, who doesn’t have a brown box adorned with that recognizable Amazon smile sitting on their doorstep at least once a week?

Nicole Ronchetti  |  March 16, 2018
Amazon Isn’t the New Toys ‘R’ Us. But, YouTube Might Be.

It can be difficult for brands to keep a finger on the pulse of the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and advertising. Social media and other online platforms are constantly trying to revolutionize their capabilities in this realm, and differentiate themselves among the top performers. Even for digital and social media coordinators, keeping up can be a challenge.

Revolution Digital  |  March 12, 2018
What are Instagram’s Collection Ads?

The standards that we expect on the internet have been re-written for mobile. Case in point: the rise of the stories format. It’s the ability to share real-time photo and video updates throughout the day in a narrative format. This makes users more raw, real and relatable-and that’s a big win for brands.

Revolution Digital  |  March 12, 2018
The Rise of the Stories Format

With the speed at which new technologies enter and transform our daily lives in this day and age, it can be easy for brands to lose sight of the key principles to establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Katie Cullina  |  November 22, 2017
Behind the Music: Lessons from Spotify & Pandora in the Age of Machine Learning

Conversation is King

Monica D’Amico  |  October 5, 2017
How Community Management Can Impact Broader Brand Strategy

It’s no secret that digital influencers are a powerful tool to marketers.

Courtney Wolfson  |  January 30, 2017
Macro vs. Micro Influencers


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