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Quarantine Life: The Poetry Version

April is National Poetry Month, so Revolution Digital asked its employees to write poems about their experience staying at home due to Covid-19.

Revolution Digital  |  April 16, 2020
Quarantine Life: The Poetry Version

As we reach the month milestone of sheltering in place, we asked our team to channel their inner Dickenson or Frost and pen quarantine poems. And, they did not disappoint.

As social media experts, we are always on top of the various daily and monthly holidays and observances to work into our clients’ content. (Because who doesn’t want a day to celebrate bacon or chocolate?) April happens to be National Poetry Month. And as we continue to practice social distancing as an agency, we look for creative ways to keep our fun office culture going–even from home. So, we put out a call to our employees and asked then to pen poems about their quarantine experience.

Studies have shown that creative writing, can be beneficial as a way to cope with the stress from uncertain situations, like our current reality. So, aside from the obvious entertainment factor of poems written by co-workers, hopefully this creative outlet helped our talented crew relieve some stress.

From odes to sweatpants and furry co-workers to a peek into a day-in-the-quarantine-life, here’s a sampling of the prose that came together with Covid-19 as the muse:

My New Coworker, Katie O.

I normally love my coworkers
but my new one, not so much.
He follows me around all day
and even tries to eat my lunch.
He sneaks into my bathroom
and peeks his head inside to watch
and even when I’m on a call,
he rests his head right on my crotch.
He fell asleep beside me
and his own fart woke him up
but I still look forward to every day
because I get time with my pup.

A Love Note to Sweatpants, Kat

I’ve loved you since I was a college lass;
I wore you to every 8am class.
“You can’t wear sweatpants in public,” they said.
I exclaimed, “but I’ll have to wear real pants for the rest of my life until I am dead!”

But now they are beginning to see what I always knew,
they’re finally appreciating the things I’ve always loved about you.
Your sales have soared.
Because, well, people are bored

You see, their comfort is key
during these times of uncertainty
But despite your newfound popularity,
I hope the following is plain to see:

I loved you before you were cool,
Before Drake wrote a song about how girls in sweats make him drool
And I will continue to love you for all of my life;
You bring me comfort and happiness instead of tight pant strife.

Sweatpants, dear sweatpants
I tell you this earnestly with open hands
A life without you I cannot recall,
a life without you is simply no life at all.

Self-Isolation, Brianna

isn’t all that bad as an introvert.
Kind of like vacation,
minus the frozen dessert.

Pjs every day
and binge-watching, too;
Every weekend and weekday
It’s like deja vu.

Thankful for essential workers,
and all that they do,
Unlike the jokers
who run the G.W. Zoo.

Before social distancing let on,
no one was askin’
“Who killed Don?”
But now the world agrees: it was Carole Baskin.

A Day in Quarantine Life, Nancy

Math being done in one room,
Grading midterms in the kitchen.
Reading class is over zoom,
While I get the Instagram copy written.

Fortnight battles are endless
Netflix shows are streaming.
We’re tackling that honey-do list.
Amazingly, there hasn’t been much screaming.

We’re trying our best,
Even attempting to stay fit.
It’s been a bit easier than I guessed.
But I do have to ask, Wait, what day is it?

Tweaked and Bleary, Ken

Once upon a midday dreary, while I toiled, tweaked and bleary
over many a trite and curious design that gets ignored
While I nodded, staving napping, suddenly there came a tapping
From someone who I thought was napping, napping since before.
Since before the bleary toiling, tapping softly at my door –
In a whisper, said “I’m bored.”

Ah distinctly I remember, working from home in December
The holiday week spent OOO seems a fairy tale of yore.
It was simply a week’s vacation – temporary relocation.
That’s what working home back then was for.
It’s different now, the days are foggy, and the hours just seem more
More than what a day should be – a paltry twenty-four.

Not a noise I tried to make – no other being should be awake,
And frightening was the sudden sound outside my opened door.
I needn’t say or hardly mention that this would need direct attention
and i tried my best to keep this interruption one ignored.
But slightly louder, tapping louder, footsteps on the floor
said a tiny voice “I’m bored.”

Woe, my battered sense of patterns, routines torn apart and scattered!
Rebuilt, then knocked down by this interlocutor who’s bored.
Resigned to fate, I slowly turn, and glance down lowly in return
Into the sleepy eyes – not napping – of my daughter at my door.
Her eyes grow wide and smile grows happy, I forget my list of chores.
Daughter napping nevermore.

A Pandemic Pledge, Katie C.

COVID-19 has brought a new perspective,
and although quarantine is lonely,
it’s more importantly effective.

So, let’s do what we can to flatten the curve,
let’s be grateful for our health and homes,
and give the vulnerable the help they deserve.

America’s motto is e pluribus unum,
translating to “out of many, one”—
underscoring the importance of our union.

So, let’s stick together by staying apart,
let’s defeat this virus as one team,
one victorious whole comprised of many selfless parts.

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