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Community Managers: The Unsung Heroes of Copywriting

Rev-D explores how quality copywriting has become an essential—and often undervalued—component in community management.

Revolution Digital  |  August 17, 2021
Community Managers: The Unsung Heroes of Copywriting

“Why pay someone to just tweet?” It’s something agencies hear often. But let’s set the record straight: Community Managers do far more than just “tweet.” In fact, when it comes to establishing and growing your brand presence on social, Community Managers are your first responders. They’re your customer service team, your crisis management hotline, your crowd control and brand advocates all rolled into one invaluable package. And while they’re doing all of these things, they’re tasked with maintaining the integrity of your brand voice and personality.

They are the keepers of your brand.

Yet, somehow, Community Managers are often the first to go when there are brand budget cuts, and they’re overlooked in growth plans. But good writing—well, good writing will get you places. And at the heart of every good Community Manager is a good writer.

When we think about the brands we know and love on social, they’re likely to have one thing in common: they know who they are. They are rooted in a strong identity. So, whether we’re talking about a certain burger chain known for its competitive spirit and witty comebacks or a compassionate pet care company who prides itself on spreading smiles at any cost, it’s a writer—a Community Manager—who is sowing the seeds of that brand’s purpose and personality in real-time on social media.

They are behind the version of your brand that you’re showing the world.

Content, of course, plays a primary role in establishing brand identity, but content is a one-way street. You post, share, tweet, and the buck stops there. Community Managers extend the lifeline of that content by assuming the brand’s identity and engaging with the audience to make sure they feel heard. The tonality of their replies and the fashion in which they react is a representation of how that brand wants to be perceived.

A good Community Manager injects a specific, defined personality into everything that they do. Whether replying to an unsatisfied customer or simply bantering with fans, those communications are what cements a brand’s reputation. Community Managers help determine if your brand is cool, helpful, useless, or if you sound like old people trying too hard to be relevant (it’s true, they’ll call you out).

Impactful writing isn’t just found in the New York Times. It’s not always behind a book cover or movie screen, either. Sometimes, the most powerful writing is the kind that forms real-life connections. It’s the kind that can make a stranger feel personally connected to a brand, and keep them coming back for more.

So, the next time you consider the role and importance of a Community Manager, remember to consider all of the hats they wear, with Copywriter at the core of it all. Their words are your brand’s presence. They are the mouthpiece that amplifies your message and are first on the social scene.

Why pay someone to “just tweet”? To put your money where your mouth is—literally.

But if you’re still not sure where to start, Revolution Digital is happy to help with that. Our team of strategists can help assess your needs and determine what plan of action makes the most sense for your unique goals. Feel free to check out our site at or shoot us a message at

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