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Community Management: How Brands are Keeping the Conversation Going on TikTok

Content creation isn’t the only way in on TikTok. Community Management gives brands an opportunity to grow on the platform, starting with a simple conversation.

Revolution Digital  |  February 22, 2022
Community Management: How Brands are Keeping the Conversation Going on TikTok

When it comes to TikTok, you may only think of Gen Z’ers creating dancing videos in their living rooms, but brands play a far greater role in the platform’s evolution—especially when it comes to community management.

Brands are now creating their own content on TikTok at a record pace, but it’s important for brands to be a part of the conversation, too—not just the subject of them. In fact, there’s a ton of entertainment value in TikTok videos’ comment sections, alone, which is where brands have a real opportunity to banter and chat with real consumers. In addition to that one-to-one interaction, this approach also has reach. When comments get lots of “likes,” it can prompt the comment to be moved to the top of the list, allowing for more visibility and discovery on said brand’s page.

But there is also the trending factor. These conversations are happening in real time, so by having an active role in community management, brands can also stay more relevant by being involved in the TikTok cultural tapestry. And as we’ve mentioned in prior white papers, relevancy matters.

Take Duolingo. Duolingo is one brand that has set the bar extremely high for brand community managers. Using “Duo” the Owl, their mascot, as their brand voice, they’ve accrued over 2.9 million followers. With a combination of trending content videos on their page and sassy comments in viral videos’ comment sections, Duolingo has created such a strong personality for the owl, that any comment from the brand is instantly recognizable and expectedly witty (a trademark personality from Duo, himself). By doing this, Duolingo has arguably become more than just a brand. It has successfully given itself a personality that invites engagement from other TikTok users and provides a source of humor and inspiration. By doing so, Duolingo is quickly growing its own app.

When brands have community management that brings a “personality” and face into the forefront, it helps humanize the brand; therefore, allowing the consumer to feel a deeper connection to it.

In the end, creating content isn’t the only thing brands can get involved in on TikTok. By embedding themselves in conversations, listening in on social trends and chatter, and engaging with consumers, brands can expand their following and stay on the pulse of what matters.

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