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How Community Management Can Impact Broader Brand Strategy

Conversation is King

Monica D’Amico  |  October 5, 2017
How Community Management Can Impact Broader Brand Strategy

Typically when community management is discussed, what first comes to mind is your traditional customer service initiative focusing on addressing consumer complaints and an influx of “Thanks for being a fan!” comments. Here at Rev-D, we’ve been able to harness the power of community management into something much more powerful — leveraging our online audiences into 24/7, real-time focus groups.

Using the following 3 pillars as the strongholds of our community management approach we are able to turn our community conversation into cohesive brand learnings.

User Generated Content

As brand content is de-prioritized in consumers newsfeeds the earned media of user generated content is more important than ever. In addition to being an effective word-of-mouth tactic, brands are able to gain valuable insights about their product to re-leverage in marketing tactics including getting a personalized peek into how, when and why consumers are using their products.

  • User generated content is 20% more influential than any other type of media when it comes to influencing Millennial purchases.


As paid influencers no longer are a reliable source of reach, microinfluencers are the new frontier. By harnessing the power of consumers who already love your brand, but still have a sizeable following and high engagement in niche communities, we’re able to create authentic connections with potential consumers.

Conversation Interception

Conversation interception is a way for brands to seek out personal conversations with consumers and inject themselves into existing trending conversations. By doing this, brands can create a strong persona, engage a new group of consumers (who aren’t necessarily familiar with the brand), and establish credibility as relevant within the social space, cementing relationships with their consumers.

Using the learnings we uncover from community management we’re able to more clearly understand our consumer, their preferences, and how they’re engaging on social from a broader level.  We can then turn what our community is telling us into actionable brand insights impacting everything from social content to OOH and TV.  With all of the tools and ways we are able to reach people at scale, we’ve found so much value in going back to the basics and talking to people on a personal level. How novel?

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