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Brands Deliver “All the Feels” Through Sensory Marketing

From that fresh, new car smell to mesmerizing soap-cutting videos on Instagram, our bodies and minds are programmed to react to our senses.

Revolution Digital  |  February 21, 2019
Brands Deliver “All the Feels” Through Sensory Marketing

From that fresh, new car smell to mesmerizing soap-cutting videos on Instagram, our bodies and minds are programmed to react to our senses. And in marketing, smell, taste, touch, sound and sight are gateways for developing even deeper brand connections.

By appealing to multiple senses (or unexpected ones!) through Sensory Marketing, brands can create stronger associations with consumers’ emotions and memories. Take, for example, a Dunkin’ Donuts in South Korea that played their company jingle on multiple buses as an atomizer released a coffee aroma. The result was a 16% increase in visits to Dunkin’ Donuts near bus stops and a 29% sales lift at those locations. Then, there’s the BMW M5. To enhance the car’s sporty feel, the model now amps its engine sounds through the car speakers, even when the audio system is turned off. But that’s just the beginning.

Here’s how some more of the brands we know and love are giving consumers “all the feels” through marketing that ignites the senses:

Using Smell: Hyatt Place
In the world of hospitality, creating an inviting, comfortable experience is crucial. And for Hyatt Place, scent plays a big part of its allure. The hotel’s signature scent, ‘Seamless,’ “delivers the sensation of welcoming elegance and calm” through a blend of blueberries, light florals, warm vanilla and musk. Having ‘Seamless’ wafting through Hyatt Place’s 300 locations has proven to enhance the visit experience and increase brand memorability for thousands of guests.

Using Sight: Behr
When it comes to color, Behr believes there’s more than meets the eye. While it’s common knowledge that certain shades evoke specific emotions, Behr Paint took things a step further. They created a sensory experience for social media fans through an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) video of the painting process, featuring soothing sounds and satisfying visuals like paint pours. Everybody say “Oooh, Ahhh”…

Using Touch: Casper
Falling asleep can feel so good. But Casper—the digital-first, mattress-in-a-box company—lacked showrooms where consumers could test out their beds. Their solution? The “Casper Dreamery,” a comfortable space where busy people can pop in for a quick rest and recharge. For $25, patrons can slip into silk PJs and sleep in a “Nap Nook” with a Casper bed and pillow, allowing them to feel the product IRL and drift off to la-la land the way Sandman intended.

Using Sound: Liberty Mutual, State Farm & Nationwide
We can all recite the jingles behind our favorite cereals, medicines and mattresses, so it’s no wonder insurance companies are getting in on the action, too. A good ditty has the ability to reinforce brand values or even contact information (lookin’ at you Kars4Kids), so it’s no surprise that when Liberty Mutual tried to join the jingle club, they were met with social sass from competitors whose tunes would be put to the test.

Using Taste: Museum of Ice Cream
That “no touch” rule at museums no longer applies. In fact, The Museum of Ice Cream, which creates interactive spaces dedicated to the sweet treat, wants consumers indulge ALL of their senses. To help bring the playful brand to life, MOIC is partnering with Target to release 7 premium flavors and open “The Pint Shop,” an interactive space in NYC where guests can indulge in a one-of-a-kind tasting experience.

So, what does this all mean? It means brands should be considering sensory experiences at every touchpoint of their marketing strategies, from product conception to consumer purchase. Sensory branding continues to yield heightened brand recall and positive association across categories, and at Revolution Digital, we can help build your brand’s strategy to make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re interested in working together, contact our team at

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